Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How to Select the Best Duct Cleaner

Professional duct cleaners have the right kind of equipment and experience to deliver a fine cleaning job for your residential and commercial ducts. Certified and expert cleaners know how to do the job in a decent way without raising any safety concerns. 

How can you find the best duct cleaner for yourself? This free article is an answer to this question. I have been in this industry for more than 15 years now and I share my experience and knowledge, as a former certified and licensed duct cleaner, here to help you give the best kind of cleaning service to your ducts.  

First of all I list down a few important questions that you need to ask a duct cleaning company before you decide to hire it for duct cleaning:
  1. Since when the company has been doing duct cleaning?
  2. Does the company hold membership to NADCA? 
  3. Is the company fully insured? 
  4. Do they have certified and licensed cleaners?
  5. Can they show some feedback provided by their customers? 
  6. Will they give any written guarantee for their service? 
  7. Will their service include complete duct cleaning – of all duct parts? 
  8. What is the procedure to treat their unsatisfied customers? 
You must ask all these questions before hiring a company and don’t believe just every word you hear. Ask for documents to check for licenses and certificates. 
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Revealing Hidden Secrets of Duct Cleaners 
First of all, you should understand that the cleaning industry is an un-regulated one which is why even fake companies are able to do business without being caught. The following information is vital for you if you are looking for professional duct cleaners in town: 

1. Cheap Stunts of Duct Cleaners 
Don’t get hooked by a cheap quote, most often these quotes are just a cheap stunt to attract your attention. And mark my words the final price in such cases is much more than you ever expect to pay to a duct cleaner. So find out what all you be getting in the quoted price. 

2. Attractive Special Deals 
Some companies will also convince you by special deals and daily offers but don’t fall for them without reading the fine print and getting complete information as to what all be included in the committed service. Ask for minute details and find out what all be done at the price offered in the daily deal before you make your decision. 

3. Certified and Licensed Cleaners 
Keep in mind that only licensed and certified cleaners can provide proper, professional, and complete duct cleaning in the safest possible way. So always ask for certified and licensed cleaners. 

4. Only Verbal Guarantee. 

Don’t ever choose a duct cleaning company that does not provide any written guarantee and promises to give you a completely satisfactory service. These companies are just lying to burn a hole in your pocket and don’t know anything about proper duct cleaning!  
Take these things into consideration and ensure to choose the best duct cleaner for your ducts!   

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